About me


My name is Marcin Binek.
I'm a frontend developer.

Working for 3 years as a freelancer , creating websites based on CMS for companies and organizations Polish and foreign. Projects performed independently ranging from graphic design ( the layout ) to implement. The provision of graphic design services (in cooperation with printing and advertising agency )

Now I services offered to corporations , programming in technology: Angular, NodeJS, TypeScript

In free times I learning ReactJS, Android and creating robots with Arduino

Name: Marcin Binek

Company Name: Webbd

NIP: 8641944176

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Technology and service what I support

Web design

Create special pages with awesome layout

Web development

Creating beautiful and full responsive pages

App Development

Creating Native Web or Android apps


Help with SEO and actual standard in web


Social Media

Support with social media ad and branding

Latest news

News about my passion: progamming

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